Top Prices for our progeny

We regularly monitor the weekly Top Quotes at the local Wodonga sale. We are thrilled to see many of our clients’ cattle (particularly vealers) doing so well and getting premium prices.  These are great returns on your investments. There is always a premium paid for quality looking cattle and we are proud to be able to pass on the genetics we have invested so heavily in for many years now. There is nothing more pleasing for us than to have repeat buyers turn up year after year.

Longreach Lumberjack

In May, at the National Limousin Show and Sale, we were very pleased to add another outstanding sire to our herd with the purchase of Longreach Lumberjack. He was the Junior Champion at the 2016 Royal National Capital Show ( Canberra ) and has a 2017 National Limousin Show topping EMA of 149cm. Weighing 988kg at 25 months of age, this bull has a game changing profile. He displays remarkable muscling combined with his tested ability for fat cover. He is a thick, agile meat house with a docility figure to match his easy going attitude. Put straight out to work, we look forward to his first drop of calves early 2018.

Export to China

We have recently exported a consignment of quality stud yearling heifers to China for their breeding programs.  Leaving from Portland, and being shipped to China, we are confident that our heifers will settle in well and produce the quality goods the Chinese are seeking. We are proud to be recognised for our wonderful genetics and ‘type’ of cattle being sought. We believe our girls will do the Limousin breed and Australia proud, proving that the Limousin breed is indeed superior!