Introducing Glenola Limousin Stud

Since establishing in 1973 as one of the first Australian Limousin studs by Jocelyn’s father, Alan Turner, Glenola Limousin Stud has stood the test of time. The first Limousin calves were registered in 1973, after extensive research and visiting France to study first- hand the desirable traits and potential of this magnificent breed.

Situated on three properties within the picturesque Victorian Kiewa Valley district, Glenola  Limousin Stud comprises approximately 120 registered breeders with a mix of Australian and French Pure genetics. We are also increasing the numbers of polled cattle within the herd, but not to the detriment of the superior muscling the breed is renowned for. Our emphasis on French Pure cattle is based on the knowledge that this optimises the likelihood of the F94L double muscling gene – scientifically proven to increase muscle growth. This gene has been proven to increase beef yield by more than 20% without the need for additional feed. It increases tenderness and means more meat for the same cost of production, making this gene highly desirable in our cattle. Almost all French Pure cattle ( 98.3% ) possess this important gene.

We also place a huge emphasis on our females, as the maternal strength is paramount to our breeding program.

Our stud sets high standards for its cattle, particularly pertaining to:

  • Docility – easy handling cattle with good temperaments
  • Structural soundness – leading to greater longevity
  • Low birth weight with high growth rates – greater returns for the producer
  • Greater muscling – higher dressing rates and premium prices at market
  • Efficiency – ability to finish quicker with efficient feed conversion
  • Maternal traits – sound udders and high milking rates

Glenola Limousin Stud continues to work on breeding sound, medium framed, well-muscled, early maturing, easy-calving cattle with great temperaments. Our paddock reared vealers regularly obtain top prices through the saleyards, and we supply approximately 30 commercial and stud bulls annually, many to repeat buyers who acknowledge the premiums they receive particularly for the vealer markets and the docility and longevity of our Glenola herd bulls.

We manage our herd using vehicles and motor-bikes ( no dogs or electric prodders are ever used ) as we acknowledge the treatment and well-being of all our animals as extremely important.

We are proud members of the Australian Limousin Breeders’ since 1973 and use Estimated Breeding Values ( EBVs ) to record herd improvement against breed standards.

Stud History

The stud was founded on the quality French Pure genetics from Weston Park bloodlines and from 2000 onwards focussed on French Pure bloodlines from the renowned Willow Park stud of Max Atkins.

During the 70’s Glenola Limousin Stud was built on the quality genetics of the Gallic Stud with the purchase of Gallic Zulu ( 1982 Supreme Champion at Sydney Royal Show ) and Gallic Napoleon. In the 80’s quality genetics were sought from well- known breeder Jack Edwards of Weston Park Stud with the purchase of Weston High Time and Weston Kendall – both bulls with super temperaments, great confirmation and sound feet. Together, these bulls formed the outstanding foundations of the Stud which we have built on over time.

In the 2000’s the focus on French Pure genetics included the renowned Willow Park Stud with the purchase of Willow Park Uplift ( top priced bull at the 2001 Limousin National Sale ). This bull had it all – the muscling, structure and docility from his world acclaimed sire Dauphin, traits passed onto his progeny. We are still using his sons and grandsons in the stud today with outstanding success.

Further purchases from Willow Park included Willow Park Zapper, a son of Highlander, Willow Park Zambuk, a One Way Polled Justice son, and Willow Park Valiant, a son of Tamis.

The blending of these genetics with an excellent breeding base that has been established over 43 years has been both exciting and rewarding for us as is the constant challenge of maintaining and improving our quality herd.

The breeding focus of Glenola Limousin Stud is firstly to produce sound Limousin bulls for the local commercial breeders with a strong emphasis on temperament, medium frame size, early maturing types with muscling and softness. We are proud to have a solid group of repeat buyers and the commercial viability of our product is emphasised by the reality of the majority of these buyers topping the market with their cattle when sold.

It gives us more pride to see our Glenola genetics topping the market quotes than wearing a show ribbon, as the moment Limousins are not commercially viable the breed will not flourish. Our secondary focus is the production of quality females to support our first breeding focus and then to ensure that our own business has commercial viability and our production traits are visible and dominant in the market place.